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Building works & installation

We have partnered with only the best tradesmen

Many of our clients are looking for a complete solution which includes ground works, base construction, electrical works, plastering and flooring, and we have partnered with only the best tradesmen to take the hassle out of building a new conservatory or glazed extension and offer that complete solution. 

Our experienced building team will generally construct the average base within 10 working days whilst causing minimal mess and disruption, and working to our exact dimensions to ensure when we arrive to install the frames and roof a perfect fit is achieved.

Ground works and base construction

Wherever possible footings are generally dug by hand to eliminate the risk of causing any damage to underground pipes and services, and all soil and debris are taken away. We are often asked ‘how deep will the footings be? And the answer is; we don’t know, it depends on the ground conditions and we’ll keep digging until we are happy, in many cases our conservatory footings can be 1mtr deep and over which is a similar depth to which houses are build on. As at the end of the day, even the best conservatory or glazed extension in the world is only as good as the base its sat on.

If required walls are then constructed using the closet available materials to match existing finishes, the insulated floor is then laid, be it concrete or timber joist and board. Our fully qualified electrician will then visit to finalise any electrical requirements and complete a first fix. As soon as all the base and preparatory works are complete, the frames and roof are then installed.

It generally takes around 3-5 days to install an average conservatory, and once complete our plasterer will visit to plaster any walls required, and once dry our electrician will visit again to complete his connection and testing.

That’s pretty much it, but Should you wish we can then help with flooring, and we offer a fantastic underfloor heating system by Accolade which is both cost effective, ultra-efficient.


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