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What are the benefits of a conservatory warm roof?

A warm roof is an insulated roof designed to regulate the temperature of your conservatory. Investing in a warm roof could deliver the following benefits:


1. Noise reduction

Tired of hearing your neighbour’s lawnmower or the constant buzz of low flying aeroplanes? Perhaps the sound of pattering rain gets on your nerves? Upgrading your conservatory with a warm roof could help to reduce exposure to outside noises – great news if you value peace and quiet!

2. Better thermal efficiency

One of the primary reasons homeowners invest in warm roofs is to enhance the thermal efficiency of their conservatories. By adding a few extra layers of roof insulation, you can keep your conservatory cool during summer and warm during winter. In the long term, this will allow you to make better use of your conservatory and reduce spending on heating and air conditioning.

3. Reduced glare

Warm roofs can help to reduce glare from the sun, making it easier to watch television and use mobile devices in your conservatory.

4. Warm roofs look great

Adding a sturdy roof to your conservatory will make it look more expensive. If you’re hoping to emulate the look of a modern extension, investing in an insulated roof is a quick and cost-effective way to do so. It is worth noting that warm roofs are customisable and available in a range of styles and colours. If you’re unsure about your preferences, don’t hesitate to ask your installer for advice before proceeding.

5. Boost the value of your property

Investing in a warm roof will quickly boost the value of your home. If you’re planning to sell the property in future or would simply like to keep your options open, it is well worth spending money on upgrading your conservatory.

Transform your conservatory with Mark Robbins Ltd

if you’re keen to improve the thermal efficiency and appearance of your conservatory, look no further than Mark Robbins Ltd. Our team of friendly operatives is on hand to help you create the living space of your dream. Even better, our installations only take a few days, meaning clients can enjoy the benefits of their new roofs almost immediately. Reach out today to find out more or for a free quote.


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